Technical Program

PDF (ver.3, Oct. 29, 2015)

Day 1 (Nov. 16, Monday)

(Registration 8:30 -)
10:00-10:10openingJoe Suzuki and Maomi Ueno
10:10-11:10Invited Talk I
(Maomi Ueno)
Changhe Yuan"Advanced Heuristic Search Methods for Learning Optimal Bayesian Network Structures"
11:10-11:35 Finding an optimal Bayesian network structure from data
(Brandon Malone)
Joe Suzuki "Efficiently Learning Bayesian Network Structures based on the B&B Strategy: A Theoretical Analysis"
11:35-12:00Kazuki Natori, Masaki Uto, Yu Nishiyama, Shuichi Kawano and Maomi Ueno "Constraint-based learning Bayesian networks using Bayes factor"
12:00-12:25 Zhi-Gao Guo, Xiao-Guang Gao, Ruo-Hai Di and Yu Yang "Learning Bayesian Network Parameters from Small Data Set: A Spatially Maximum a Posterior Method"
13:45-14:10 Finding an optimal Bayesian network structure from data
(Changhe Yuan)
Niklas Jahnsson, Brandon Malone and Petri Myllymaki "Hashing-based Hybrid Duplicate Detection for Bayesian Network Structure Learning"
14:10-14:35 Maomi Ueno "What is the main factor of learning accuracy for Bayesian networks score functions?"
14:35-15:00 Joe Suzuki and Shunsuke Iwamoto "A Shortest Path Perspective of Bayesian Network Structure Learning: Finding Conditional Independence Relations"
15:00-15:25 Applications
(Russell G. Almond)
Yi Zuo, Katsutoshi Yada and Eisuke Kita "A Bayesian Network Approach for Predicting Purchase Behavior via Direct Observation of In-store Behavior"
15:25-15:50 Alessio Benavoli and Cassio P. de Campos "Statistical Tests for Joint Analysis of Performance Measures"
15:50-16:10 (Break)
16:10-16:35 Applications
(Russell G. Almond)
Eiichi Sakurai "Customer Behavior Modeling by Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis and Bayesian Networks"
16:35-17:00 Yun Zhou, John Howroyd, Sebastian Danicic and Mark Bishop "Extending Naive Bayes Classifier with Hierarchy Feature Level Information for Record Linkage"
17:00-18:00 Invited Talk II
(Joe Suzuki)
Brandon Malone "Empirical Beahvior of Bayesian Network Structure Learning Algorithms"
18:00- (Welcome Party)

Day 2 (Nov. 17, Tuesday)

(Registration 8:30 -)
9:00-10:00 Invited Talk III
(Joe Suzuki)
Aapo Hyvarinen "An Entropic Approach to Causal Discovery in Non-Gaussian and Non-Linear Models"
10:00-10:25 Asymptotic Analyses Approach
(Takashi Isozaki)
Yuan Zou and Teemu Roos "On Model Selection, Bayesian Networks, and the Fisher Information Integral"
10:25-10:50 Keisuke Yamazaki "On Estimation Accuracy of Hidden Nodes in Two-Layered Bayesian Networks"
10:50-11:10 (Break)
11:10-11:35 Experimental Approach
(Takashi isozaki)
Kei Hirose and Hironori Fujisawa "Robust Sparse Inverse Covariance Estimation"
11:35-12:00 Jingguo Dai and Jia Ren "Unsupervised Evolutionary Algorithm for Dynamic Bayesian Network Structure Learning"
12:00-12:25 Discrete & Logic
(Masakazu Ishihata)
Masakazu Ishihata "Propositionalizing Bayesian Networks for Efficient Parameter Learning"
12:25-12:50 Chao Li and Maomi Ueno "A Fast Clique Maintenance algorithm for Optimal Triangulation of Bayesian Networks"
12:50-14:10 (Lunch)
14:10-14:35 Discrete & Logic
(Masakazu Ishihata)
Shan Gao and Shin-Ichi Minato "Factorization of ZDDs for Representing Bayesian Networks Based on d-separations"
14:35-15:00 Causal Discovery
(Shohei Shimizu)
Karthika Mohan and Judea Pearl "Missing Data From A Causal Perspective"
15:00-15:25 Kosuke Morikawa and Yutaka Kano "Doubly Robust Estimation under Nonignorable Nonresopnse"
15:25-15:50 Takashi Isozaki and Manabu Kuroki "Learning Maximal Ancestral Graphs with Robustness for Faithfulness Violations"
15:50-16:10 (Break)
16:10-16:35 Causal Discovery
(Aapo Hyvarinen)
Patrick Blobaum, Shohei Shimizu and Takashi Washio "Discriminative and Generative models in Causal and Anticausal settings"
16:35-17:00 Hei Chan "Causal Identification of Linear SEMs"
17:00-18:00 Invited Talk IV
(Maomi Ueno)
Shohei Shimizu "A non-Gaussian Approach for Causal Discovery in the Presence of Hidden Common Causes"

Day 3 (Nov. 18, Wednesday)

(Registration 8:30 -)
9:00-10:00 Invited Talk V
(Joe Suzuki)
Cassio P. de Campos "Learning Bayesian Networks with Biomedical Applications"
10:00-10:25 Genome analysis based on Bayesian networks
(Seiya Imoto)
Joe Suzuki "Forest Learning based on the Chow-Liu Algorithm and its Application to Genome Differential Analysis: A Novel Mutual Information Estimation"
10:00-10:25 Reiichiro Nakamichi, Hirohisa Kishino, and Shuichi Kitada "Entropy-based maximal connected core network"
10:50-11:10 (Break)
11:10-11:35 Genome analysis based on Bayesian networks
(Seiya Imoto)
Yoshinori Tamada "Cancer Genome Research with Gene Network Analysis using Bayesian Networks"
11:10-11:35 Yoichi Takenaka Identification of the state-change-time-point of gene regulations from time-course experiments
12:00-13:00 Invited Talk VI
(Maomi Ueno)
Russell G. Almond "Tips and Tricks for Building Bayesian Networks for Scoring Game-based Assessments"
13:00-13:10 closing Joe Suzuki and Maomi Ueno