History of AMBN

In 2001, a domestic meeting called "Bayes Net Seminor", organized by Taisuke Sato (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Youichi Motomura, (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), and Joe Suzuki (Osaka University) was held at National Institute of Informatics, in Tokyo, and more than 100 attended the conference. That was the first academic conference of probablistic networks in Japan. Since then, the BN Seminor conference series had been held every year, by virtue of Youichi Motomura and Maomi Ueno (University of Electro-Communications) until 2011 for ten years as domestic conferences (language: Japanese).

Proceedings BN Seminors

In particular, in 2010, Maomi organized an international conference called Advanced Methodologies for Bayesian Networks. For the meeting, more than twenty talks including the invited talks by Professors Adnan Darwiche and Petri Myllymaki and contributed talks from outside Japan were given for two days.The topics included

  • Probabilistic Reasoning using Bayesian Networks
  • Combination of Probabilistic Reasoning and Logic in Bayesian Networks
  • Learning Bayesian Networks
  • Causal Discovery
  • Causal Inference
  • Advanced Application of Bayesian Networks

Professor Petri Myllymaki Banquet
Although three years have passed since the last BN Seminor, in 2015 March, a (domestic) meeting on probablistic graphical models was held at University of Electro-Communications, and discussed for the five areas:
  • Learning
  • Causality
  • Discrete and Logics
  • Relation to Statisitical Physics
  • Applications
After the success of the meeting this year, we consider that the second international conference (AMBN) should be held for discussing those topics among the international community.